Systems Review: A Solid Digital Foundation


Builders use tools every day. Most will know the joy of a perfectly balanced hammer, grunty power drill, or very sharp handsaw. Having the right tool for the job is a great feeling.

But what if you’re a business owner as well as a tradie? A builder-turned-boss? 

Now, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the tools of another trade, the ones that will set your business up for success. These will include tools to manage your accounts, your job progress, your payroll, and your timesheeting. Tools to help you store records and client notes, produce financial reports, and accurately estimate costs. 


There’s right tools and wrong tools. Knowing where to start is key.

Knowledge is power

FreeUp offers systems reviews as a way to help trades business owners figure out whether they are using the right tools—simple as that! As experts in job management software and other digital tools for builders and tradespeople, we can provide real, practical advice in that arena. 

A systems review is an ideal place to start (or restart, as the case may be). It involves:

  • A comprehensive questionnaire that enables the FreeUp team to gather essential information about your unique business and systems.
  • A Zoom meeting to fill in any gaps left by the questionnaire. We’ll go over your answers together and discuss your needs in-depth.
  • Identification of the biggest priorities for your business and the changes or efficiencies that will have the biggest impact.
  • The creation of a personalised plan of attack including a top three list of recommendations and a roadmap to success.

It’s an affordable way to get a grasp of your tech situation and ensure you have the very best tools at hand going forward. Whether your business is just starting to grow and looking to start on the right foot with JMS or in need of a reset and seeking a better, more suitable tech solution, a systems review is a fantastic and accessible investment.


A foundation for success

Not too much, really—and certainly nothing unsettling. You can rest assured that it is business as usual for existing clients; there will be no interruption to your services or support. Kellie is promising a high level of responsiveness and dedication to all Free Up clients new or old and a continuation of all the services currently provided. Free Up is not changing direction; its mission is being reinforced with new perspectives, new ideas, and the backing of another great company dedicated to making life and work easier for Kiwi trades businesses.


Free Up is still offering the building blocks that help trades businesses get ahead with tech:

  • The comprehensive Systems Review that will identify your current situation and opportunities for improvement.
  • The Strategy service to research which app will work best for your business and make recommendations.
  • The Build service to help you get set up smoothly and integrate the software effectively into your current systems for immediate impact.

The Optimise service that provides tailored support and any necessary training or troubleshooting for continued success.

The future of FreeUp

Getting it right the first time is important when you’re building a house and when you’re building a business. A systems review is an investment that’s well worth it in the long run, creating a solid foundation upon which your business can grow and scale. Going back to correct mistakes can mean having to deconstruct and re-construct processes and systems—and that’s a lot more time and money lost than the cost of getting it right the first time.

We can’t overstate the importance of a “right-fit” job management system, and that’s why a systems review is crucial. In the last issue, we wrote about how you can find the job management software that works best for your specific business type and needs, covering considerations such as:


  • Which trade you’re in.
  • What your goals are.
  • Whether you’re planning to grow.
  • Which other software tools you’re using.
  • What your budget is.

In today’s world, tech matters. Your JMS or app stack is a part of your toolbox just as much as your favourite skill saw.

We wish you the very best in your digital endeavours! If you think you would benefit from a systems review to set your business up for long-term success, get in touch with the FreeUp team: or 021 149 8785.