Rave Build FMS Review



Created by Kiwis for Kiwi businesses


Have you heard about Rave Build?

It’s software for Kiwi builders: homegrown, targeted, and effective. It was founded in 2008 as a simple but powerful scheduling tool, and has grown to include financial integrations and CRM features.

We’ve had the opportunity to take a look at the Rave Build software and how it works—here are a few thoughts for anyone considering this JMS for their operations!

The basics of Rave Build

There are three key functions of the software that come together for a comprehensive platform: sales management, project management, and financial management.

Sales Management

The CRM process provides all you need to manage the sales process, track and nurture leads, follow up with clients and potential clients, and create forecasts.

Project management

This is the cornerstone of Rave Build, helping building companies to operate efficiently and pull off their projects successfully with no loose ends flapping around and stressing people out. You can manage scheduling, comms, documents, tick tasks off lists, and generally stay organised and on top of things.

Financial Management

This portion of the software allows you to create quality cashflow, manage budgets, and keep an eye on how you are tracking on each job money-wise. It provides the detail you need for informed decision-making.


Favourite features, automations, and integrations

To get the real lowdown on Rave Build’s most notable features and capabilities, we spoke to Rebekah Laby, Rave Build’s commercial manager. 

Her favourite features and automations/integrations include:

  • The financial management tool and the detailed reports it can produce. It offers live backcosting, shows all income and expenditure in one place, and is easy to review and use, catering to all levels of computer-savviness.
  • Xero integration which makes accounting much easier for the many Kiwi businesses that use Xero.
  • Mailchimp integration which streamlines email marketing.
  • The easy click-and-drag scheduling feature which can also auto-send emails to customers and contractors.

Is Rave Build right for me?

The homegrown software is designed as a one-stop shop and a Kiwi software for Kiwi businesses. It uses lingo you’re familiar with. The friendly, local team are experienced in the NZ trades industry and offer full support and training to users—so if that sounds like something you’d appreciate, they might be a good choice for you.

Rebekah says that the type of client best-suited to their platform are building companies ranging in size from one-man bands to large franchise businesses. Anyone who needs to manage any part of building or maintenance projects will benefit from Rave Build’s software.

In summary, this tidy JMS is an up-and-comer in the JMS market. It’s created in NEw Zealand for the NZ construction industry specifically, and we think a lot of Free Up clients will appreciate that. We love how comprehensive it is, with a three-pronged approach of sales management, project management, and project management. 


There are some fantastic new features coming in 2024, so stay tuned!

Want to find out whether Rave Build is the top pick for you—and if not, which software could take your operations to the next level? Book a systems review with the FreeUp team.