The Systems Review

A quick, easy way to transform chaos into control in your trade or construction business.

Feel like you’re stuck in a loop, trying to wrangle control over your projects?

The Systems Review is here to bring clarity and show you how to work smarter, not harder in your business.

We’ll dig into your current setup, pinpoint areas for improvement in your systems and tech.

Then, we’ll craft your personalized roadmap, honing in on the top 3 business priorities to supercharge your profitability and efficiency. Let’s turn things around!


The Systems Review is easy



Ready to uncover where you stand?

Let’s dive in! Just fill out our Systems Review questionnaire. It’s your key to spotlighting gaps and areas for an upgrade. Let’s make it happen!



Let’s Connect

In our power-packed 45-minute Zoom session, we’ll dig into your Systems Review questionnaire, zeroing in on the business priorities that pack the most punch. Get ready for a session that transforms your business game!



Gear up for your Plan of Attack

 Following our Systems Review session, we’ll craft your personalised plan. Discover our top 3 recommendations and a roadmap to make it happen. Your success journey starts here!

“Every business needs to have a FreeUp. If you don’t have someone who specialises in this field, you are going to end up spending time and money on something that is potentially not right for your company.”

Ollie Mules – Blackbird Projects Ltd

Find the best ways to work smarter, not harder.

The Systems Review includes:


The Systems Review Questionnaire


A 45-minute one-to-one Systems & Tech Review Session


Personalised Plan of Attack

Your Investment

$149.00 NZD

Released 3 16 of 30 scaled

Meet the team:

Kellie Beaumont is the owner of FreeUp. She is also the founder and director of Released, an award-winning virtual business support agency specialising in trades clients. Backed by her team of 25+ experienced professionals, Kellie has a clear vision for the company and is already working on better ways to help trades businesses get ahead with the help of the right tech tools.

The magic of this merger is right there in the names: FreeUp and Released are a match made in heaven! We share the goal of giving builders and trades business owners their time back; freeing them up and releasing them to get on the tools, work on their big picture plans, or just take a holiday. 

Kellie and the team at Released have long been immersed in the world of job management software, using the various platforms to streamline the work they do for clients and create new efficiencies. A deep pool of experience and expertise perfectly aligned with the FreeUp mission!

“FreeUp really got to know and understand our business, our goals and what we were trying to achieve…then presented the best options for us.”

Vakalahi Construction

“FreeUp explained everything in a ‘language’ we could all understand and then put the system in place.”

Maulder Builders

“I have only been using the system for a couple of months now.  I can already see how it is going to improve back costing and making invoicing a lot clearer for myself and clients.”

Marcus Smith Builders


Once I've booked, what happens next?

You’ll receive a confirmation email of your booking. First of all, we suggest that you save the appointment into your calendar or diary.

Next, from the email, you’ll be able to click through to The Systems Review Questionnaire to complete. This should take about 10 minutes.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes, up to 3 hours before your appointment. You can reschedule from within the Order Confirmation email you received.

Will I receive a reminder about the appointment?

Yes, we’ll send you an email reminder 3 days and 1 day before our meeting. We’ll also send you a reminder SMS beforehand as well.

What happens in the 45 minute Zoom meeting?

We’ll go through The Systems Review Questionnaire and discuss the challenges you’re currently facing, the goals you want to achieve, how you’re using technology and how you can improve how you’re working. 

By the end of the meeting, you’ll have your Top 3 priorities to focus on as we’ll also send your personalised Plan of Attack within 1 week of the meeting.

Where do I find the Zoom meeting link?

Your Zoom meeting link can be found in your Email Confirmation as well as the calendar invitation that has been sent to your email address.

How do I use Zoom?

Zoom is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is click the Zoom link in the Email Confirmation or meeting invitation you have received.

If you’ve used Zoom before, you should be taken directly into our meeting.

If you’re new to Zoom, it’s best to click the link a couple of minutes early, just in case.

Make sure you can hear sound from your computer and your microphone is working. And if you have a camera, that’s great. But don’t worry if you don’t have one!