Make your life easier with NextMinute


NextMinute’s website drives home the message that it’s all about making life easier—and we have clients who’ll attest to that! If you’re in NextMinute’s target market, this is a powerful piece of software. 

 What makes life easier if not automations? Although this JMS is not known for automations per se, when set up properly it can replicate and complete many of those repetitive tasks. You know the ones; the little jobs that eat up minutes and even hours when humans have to do (and re-do) them continually.

 Our systems and software expert Bronwyn is sharing her favourite examples of time-saving features in NextMinute. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference, and she’s found that to be true when it comes to this popular JMS. No gimmicks here—just helpful and reliable features that give you some of your time back.

Top tips for NextMinute

Communication templates

If you find yourself communicating the same or similar messages to multiple customers on a regular basis, you’ll love the customisable templates offered by NextMinute. They differ from several other popular job management softwares in the fact that they are fully customisable (as opposed to partly so), meaning you can get your unique messages across in a more efficient way.

It’s well worth the time to set up the comms templates in NextMinute and remove a whole lot of typing and composing time from your daily to-dos. You can add personalised bits and pieces back in before sending if necessary, but having the majority of the content already there is a huge convenience! Although hardly a groundbreaking example of automation in job or project management software, these templates are a fantastic tool and one that NextMinute does well.

Two-way integration with Xero

While one-way integration with Xero is a common feature in job management apps, NextMinute’s two-way connection makes accounting much easier for builders and tradespeople. Contacts, job invoices, and supplier invoices flow between the two with very little extra effort required. Your timesheet data can be imported directly into Xero payroll too, adding another facet to the utility of this partnership.

 Solid integration capabilities, particularly with a popular accounting tool like Xero, are one of the things that make a software stand out. It minimises double-handling of information and ensures that your finances are in top shape.

PlaceMakers partnership

If PlaceMakers is one of your primary suppliers, you’ll appreciate this feature! NextMinute has a supplier integration which allows you to have pricebooks updated in real time, improving your quoting accuracy and taking the task of updating prices off your list. 

With this integration set up, you can have invoices and quotes from PlaceMakers pull straight through into your system. Find the settings for under Admin and then Suppliers—you’ll have to sign in with your PlaceMakers Know Me account.

Push notifications

A notification sent straight to the lock screen of an employee or sub-contractor can inform them of changes to a job card or variation to the original scope of work, keeping everyone in the loop.

NextMinute users, do you have anything to add to Bronwyn’s list of favourites? Each company uses their job management software in a slightly different way, and it’s interesting to hear from other users of their experience and top-pick features.

If you need help making sure you are getting the absolute most from your NextMinute set up, get in touch with the FreeUp team.