Get the right tech and take control

FreeUp helps building and trade businesses with job management apps so you can work smarter, reduce admin and be more profitable.

Make your business run more smoothly with tech

We’ll find the best job management apps to suit your business, and show you and your team how to get the most out of it.

Turn chaos into control

We’ll show you how to increase efficiency and boost profits with tech

Do your projects feel disorganised? Is paperwork dominating your life? And are jobs going over budget?

If you want tech to help but don’t know where to start, FreeUp makes it easy by selecting the right app for the way you work and integrating it with your business processes.

“Every business needs to have a FreeUp. If you don’t have someone who specialises in this field, you are going to end up spending time and money on something that is potentially not right for your company.”

– Ollie Mules
Blackbird Projects Ltd

Turn tech into your most powerful tool

Already got tech? We’ll show you how to get more from it

If you’ve got a job management app but it’s not doing what you want it to – we’ll show you how.

FreeUp is an expert in all the best apps, so we can provide the tailored training and support you need to take your business to the next level.

Job management apps we work with

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We make tech easy for you



Book The Systems Review

We get a good understanding of your business, challenges and goals.



Get a plan of attack

We give you the strategy you need to achieve your business goals with tech.



Put the plan in place

We provide face-to-face training, how-to videos, business process improvement, and more.

We talk your language

Since 2017, FreeUp has helped over 50 businesses transform the way they work by introducing job management apps. We understand how builders and tradies work, so we know how to solve your problems and help you reach your goals.

FreeUp is a NZ Certified Builders National Partner.