Does Your Job Management Software Work For Your Business?


We all love a recommendation! Whether it’s a cleaning product, a power tool, or an app, it stands to reason that what works for your friend, family member, or acquaintance will work just as well for you, right?

If the need is exactly the same, then it probably will. But when it comes to something like job management software (that will streamline, organise, and automate many crucial processes of your trade business), there is no one ultimate option that will suit your company as much as anyone else’s. Think of it like this: the drill your colleague swears by for building decks might not offer the strength you need for more substantial projects. The paintbrush an interior painter loves for cutting in probably won’t suit the broad strokes of an exterior painter. The job management software that is a great fit for an HVAC installer is likely not going to work as well for a construction business.

Understand your needs

It would be remiss not to point out that choosing a job management software for your business is quite an important decision. That’s not intended to scare anyone, but to ensure that the choice is given the consideration it deserves. Taking time to pick the best JMS now will eliminate issues down the road—for example, having to undertake a switch when it becomes apparent that the one you’re using is not the best option.

To get you started on the path to picking the right software, here are some points to ponder:

  • Which trade? A lot of job management software platforms are marketed to trades in general, but some have been tried and tested as a great success for one specific occupation. There are also quite a few construction-specific options that are likely a better fit for builders than something like Fergus which is great for plumbers and electricians.
  • What’s the focus? Are you seeking software that will cover almost all aspects of operations, or targeting an area that needs to be whipped into shape, i.e. your takeoff or financial management?
  • Are you planning to grow? If so, you’ll want software that will easily grow with you. Tiered pricing means you can pay for the level of functionality you need, but will easily be able to access more when the time comes.
  • What current software tools are you using? Does the JMS in question integrate with Xero or MYOB? Buildxact has recently announced an integration with HazardCo—would that be helpful to you?
  • What’s your budget? The range of pricing for these apps might surprise you. What you can afford is an important consideration and a practical restraint when it comes to choosing the best job management software.

Do your homework

The array of job management platforms available to tradespeople in New Zealand can create some overwhelm when it comes to decision time! Thankfully, there is plenty of help available to you.

FreeUp is a NZ-owned company with all the expertise and experience necessary to guide trade businesses in their tech decisions. We can also manage the set-up and optimisation of the software to help you get the most value out of it! The comprehensive Systems Review is a great place to start; a questionnaire and Zoom meeting during which we gather information and create personalised recommendations.

If you’re going it alone, take advantage of the free trials offered by most software platforms. While you can read all about the features and capabilities of each one on their websites and read reviews till the cows come home, you won’t know how you and your team will take to a particular system until you try it. Taking software for a test run can involve a significant commitment of time and effort, but the payoff is well worth it.


Our recommendations

Yes, we did just tell you to take recommendations with a grain of salt—but these ones are coming from job management specialists! They also still come with a disclaimer that your business will have specific needs, and it’s best to discuss, trial, and research before making a decision.

That said, here are some of our top picks for construction professionals:

  • Buildxact: this comprehensive software is simple to use and fairly powerful, a great all-rounder which can take you “from takeoff to invoice”. It currently offers a 14-day free trial and has prices starting from $199/month.
  • Builda Price: This finance-focused software is ideal for companies seeking better financial management of their projects, with great cost-tracking features and automations to make accurate estimating easy.
  • Buildertrend: This globally-used construction management platform is great for sales management with strong CRM capabilities. It also has all of the necessary project management features for small to mid-sized building companies.
  • NextMinute: This comprehensive project management software is especially helpful when it comes to accurate time tracking. It covers everything from quoting and costing to invoicing, and has a flexible per-user pricing plan.
  • Xero Projects: Although not aimed specifically at construction companies, this is a great platform for tracking time, costs, progress, and more. It makes it easy to generate financial reports and, of course, integrates seamlessly with Xero bookkeeping.


We wish you the very best in your tech endeavours; may your processes be smooth and your estimates accurate! If you need help choosing or implementing a job management software for your business, get in touch with the FreeUp team: or 021 149 8785.