Tech Strategy

We’ll match your business to the job management software that will benefit you most.

We know you’re busy

You’re probably on site all day, working with your team, clients and subcontractors.

That can make taking on new technology overwhelming, especially when you’re juggling so many balls.

We’ll match you with the right job management software

We match your business to the software that will benefit you most.


Save time: you don’t have to do the time-consuming research


Reduce risk: choosing the wrong app is costly and disruptive.


Better results: with the right app, you’re setting your business up for success.

How it works



We get to know you

We have a workshop to understand your business challenges, issues you want to address and goals.




Free Up will research the options for you.



Your solution

We meet again to discuss the recommendations and how we can implement the changes in your business.

Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm

With our Tech Strategy service, you’ll have the confidence that the right software has been chosen for your business. You’ll also have clarity about how it will work for you and achieve your goals.

A clear understanding of your challenges and priorities.

Selection of the best tech to address the challenges in your business

Clarity about how your software works with other software

A plan to show you how to make it a reality

“Anna really got to know and understand our business, our goals and what we were trying to achieve… then presented the best option for us.”

Vakalahi Construction


About Anna

Free Up founder Anna Brooks has a strong background in business and technology. Much of Anna’s childhood was spent helping out in a string of family businesses, and she’s always had a passion for how technology can make life easier.

While working in IT in 2017, a friend asked Anna if she could find management software to help his building business. Anna realised there are many great apps out there, but not the support to help builders and tradies get up and running. From this, Free Up was born – the expert and independent tech advisor who speaks your language.

Helped over 40 building and trade businesses take on an app
Expert Partner with Builda Price, Buildertrend, Buildxact, CoConstruct, Fergus, NextMinute, Rave Build, Simpro and Tradify
NZ Certified Builder national partner, Registered Master Builder associate, and Xero certified

Apps we work with

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