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Interested in getting an app but don’t know where to start? Or do you need help to get more from the system you are using? Get started with job management software today.

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Start with The Systems Review

At last, there’s a way to transform chaos into control with great trades software.

Do you feel as if you are going around in circles, trying to get control of your projects? The Systems Review is here to give you clarity about how you can work smarter, not harder in your business.

We’ll review where you currently are and how your systems and tech can be improved.

We’ll then create your own personalised roadmap to help you focus on the top 3 business priorities to increase profitability and efficiency.

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Free Up has a range of services to take your business to the next level with tech and trades software.


We work with you to set your strategy & select the right app to benefit your business most.


We’ll quickly get you up and running with your trades software.


We’ll help you get more from the app you’re using.

“Anna really got to know and understand our business, our goals and what we were trying to achieve…then presented the best options for us.”

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Quickly setting you up with your app


We get you up and running in days, showing you quick wins and more.


Faster start: we’ll set you up smoothly, so you avoid any teething troubles.


Easier integration: we’ll get your app and business processes working together.


Immediate impact: you’ll start to enjoy the business benefits straightaway.

Work smarter with the app you have


The training and support you need to get more from the app you’re using.


Expert guidance: we’ll show you how to get to the next level with the tech you’re using.


Tailored support: from face-to-face training to online tutorials, we create a package to suit your needs.


Process improvement: we improve the way your business processes and tech work together.

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Since 2017, Free Up has helped over 50 businesses transform the way they work by introducing job management apps. We understand how builders and tradies work, so we know how to solve your problems and help you reach your goals.

Free Up is an NZ Certified Builders National Partner and Registered Master Builder Associate.