Our top 3 ServiceM8 features

Our top 3 favourite features ServiceM8

We’re big fans of ServiceM8 and we’ll tell you why.

ServiceM8 is a powerful, cost effective job management app for service businesses. It doesn’t suit everyone – but nothing’s perfect is it?!


There are lots of great features that are hugely beneficial for small to medium service businesses. Here are our top 3 picks.

Flexibility – there are so many add-ons that provide smart solutions for your jobs. And some of these are really clever, helping you to automate workflows and making your life easier.

Knowledge – you can create a central repository of information for your team in Knowledge in the app. It doesn’t just have to be written documents. You can even record videos and share them with the team!

Services – if you don’t know what Services are, you need to check them out! Services will help you to systemise and streamline the way your business creates, quotes and schedules jobs. You can use these for self service online booking forms or for streamlining your quoting process. Building your Services needs a bit of thought and planning to make sure that it is set up correctly. But they can be so powerful once you get them up and running.