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Chasing your team’s timesheets is painful and takes up valuable time.


The good news is, there are easy-to-use apps which automatically upload timesheets to your office – so invoicing and payroll becomes faster, more accurate and you increase profitability. Here are some apps which can help with running your jobs, managing timesheets and so much more:


  • NextMinute – manage your building jobs, schedules, timesheets, quotes and invoices all in one place.
  • Tradify – perfect for tech novices, this simple app helps you manage jobs, timesheets, quotes and invoices.
  • Fergus – as well as managing your jobs, you can also track start/stop times using the mobile app.
  • Co-construct – includes special features, like a portal for your customer to keep up-to-date with progress.
  • BuilderTrend – the ‘Big Daddy’ of apps, with the widest range of features.


Being cloud-based, data loads instantly back to the office so there’s no need for any paper or double data entry. What a win! Removing paperwork like this saves time, increases productivity and can boost your bottom line.


More and more Builders across NZ are discovering the difference these apps can make, freeing up time to focus on what’s important – whether it’s growing your business or enjoying a happier work life balance. 


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NextMinute – great for Builders, especially if you are a PlaceMakers customer

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Tradify – a really simple app for both Tradies and Builders

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Fergus – great for both Tradies and Builders