Fix My Fergus

We’ll get your business and Fergus working brilliantly together

Is your Fergus failing?

Fergus should be helping you take control of your business by making quoting and invoicing easier, tracking costs accurately, increasing efficiency and profitability, and so much more.

But if your set up or the way you’re using it is incorrect, it creates a new set of headaches for your business, meaning your investment in Fergus is being wasted.


How we fix your Fergus

Free Up’s Fix My Fergus package will get you back on track within 2 weeks, so you can enjoy all the brilliant wins that this powerful tool gives you.

There are 3 steps to making sure Fergus is working smoothly within your business:


Review: we thoroughly look at your Fergus and its integration with your accounting software and suppliers. We review many aspects, including price list set up, your quotes and estimates, and up to 2 months of timesheet data. We also review your previous jobs to identify any operational errors.


Fix: we then make all the necessary operational and data changes within your Fergus. If there are any areas that require discussion, we’ll arrange a Zoom meeting to go through things.


Retrain: for operational issues, we provide tailored training for your key staff. We do this in a number of ways, including 1-to-1 and group training over Zoom with Anna Brooks, who is a Fergus Partner, and online how-to videos in the Free Up Learning Hub. We also explain any data fixes, so these issues are not reintroduced.

“I have definitely found improvement after Anna ‘Fixed My Fergus’. I am saving money because I don’t lose track of materials now. They are all assigned to the job and accounted for.”

Fairfield Plumbing Ltd

Fix My Fergus

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Free Up founder Anna Brooks has a strong background in business and technology. Much of Anna’s childhood was spent helping out in a string of family businesses, and she’s always had a passion for how technology can make life easier.

While working in IT in 2017, a friend asked Anna if she could find management software to help his building business. Anna realised there are many great apps out there, but not the support to help builders and tradies get up and running. From this, Free Up was born – the expert and independent tech advisor who speaks your language.