Smoothly manage your business’s moving parts


When you’re running a busy building business, you have to take care of many moving parts: budgets, schedules, communication with clients, managing sub-trades, paperwork and more.

And if the wheels fall of in one area, it can have a costly knock-on effect across your whole business.

To help keep all these various plates spinning, many builders and trades are now turning to easy-to-use job management software. These apps can help you with many aspects of your business, from reducing time-consuming paperwork to increasing efficiency and profitability.

You might have heard of some of these apps, such as Rave Build, NextMinute and Tradify, however, with at least six to choose from, it’s important to choose software that suits your business needs and goals.

CoConstruct has got the lot

If you’re looking for system helps you manage everything in one place, CoConstruct could be the ideal choice. Unlike some other systems, which may need to work alongside other software, CoConstruct can support you with all aspects of your business. Here are some of the key ways in which it can help:

Easier quoting & sales: The estimating tool lets you plan and price out your jobs in a way that’s easy to use, flexible to fit your workflow, and fully integrated with the rest of the way you run your projects.

Sticking to schedules: The easy scheduling feature allows you to build out your project’s schedule, assign tasks to team members and subtrades, and communicate with those individuals to keep your job on track.

Keeping clients happy & informed: CoConstruct gives your clients a way to be connected to your project from the web and your phone, no matter where they are.

Better communication with your team and sub trades: With CoConstruct, you can issue quote requests, schedule their work on the project plan and communicate directly via SMS, email or through the CoConstruct website or mobile app.

Staying on budget: The Budget enables you to see where your project stands financially at any point based. It shows the original budget, what you’re expecting to spend and the cost to complete.

One size doesn’t fit all

CoConstruct is just one of the many available job management systems for Builders. Choosing the wrong system will waste time and money, so it’s important to pick the app which is most suited to your business. Each has different strengths, so do your research or take independent expert advice on selecting the right app to ease business pain points and help you achieve your goals.