Save time, money and pain with easy project planning


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Are you constantly trying to stay on top of schedules with your client, your team and your subbies?
Do you always feel like you’re playing catch up? 😡 🤯
Well, the good news is great tech is available which makes scheduling projects and team communication so much easier. CoConstruct, NextMinute and Rave Build are just some of the easy-to-use apps which can help. Here’s how:

See your whole project plan at once
Gone are the days of piles of paper with lists, dates and plans.
Tech makes it easy to see your entire schedule by day, week, month or as a timeline. You can also quickly make changes to the schedule with a few clicks of the mouse or simple drag and drop. What a time saving!
This short video shows how to schedule jobs in CoConstruct:

Have your schedule at your fingertips

Most of these apps are Cloud-based, which means that rather than having your schedule stuck on your computer at home, you can access it on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desk computer), anywhere and at any time. Being able to make quick and easy changes to your schedule will save you time and keep you on top of things.

This short video shows how to schedule jobs in cloud-based app NextMinute:

 Better communication means a more efficient team and happier customers

It’s really important that communicating changes to the schedule is quick and easy – and everyone is included.
Your jobs will run more smoothly with better communication, so CoConstruct and Rave Build enable you to instantaneously share schedule changes with your team as well as your Sub-Trades.
Even better, you have the option of also giving your customers access to the schedule, which can help to keep everyone happy.

This short video shows how to schedule jobs in Rave Build:

 Managing multiple jobs is easy with tech

When you’re juggling multiple jobs, paperwork and deadlines soon mount up – and expensive mistakes can be made.
Using one of these apps can help you manage all your jobs at once – as many as you like – keeping everything in the right place so you can stay in control.
And if your business tends to do a high volume of smaller jobs, with 2 or 3 day turnaround, then Tradify or Fergus could be a good fit for you.
The great thing about using tech in your Building or Construction company is that it’s not just scheduling that it will help you with. Good software will enable you to have your jobs, quotes, invoices, purchases and your schedule in one place.

No more paper, no more miscommunication and no more missed appointments! 👍🏼