Our top 3 CoConstruct features

Our top 3 favourite features CoConstruct

Builders and Construction Project Managers LOVE CoConstruct.

CoConstruct offers a lot of what you need, without the fussiness of having too many features that you won’t ever use.

We’ve put our heads together and have come up with our Top 3 CoConstruct features that set it apart from everyone else …

1️⃣ Client access – you can share projects with your clients, giving them an easy way to view important information, make decisions, see the plan and get a good idea of what’s happening on site. This is especially important if your client is in a different location to the project.

2️⃣ Specs – CoConstruct can store details of the spec in one place. You can include information that is relevant for everyone plus details just for your client or the subtrade you’re working with. It keeps everyone on the same page and information doesn’t get lost.

3️⃣ Daily Logs – these are a quick and easy way to keep track of what is happening on site. You can keep Daily Logs as an internal record or you can share certain information with clients. Creating a Daily Log takes 2 minutes – even faster if you use the dictation feature while using the mobile app.

We’re proud to be the only CoConstruct Partner in the Southern Hemisphere and we’re here to help CoConstruct users across Australia and New Zealand.

If you have any favourite CoConstruct features that make your life easier, we’d love to hear about them.