Make your business more competitive with tech


With rising material costs plus other growing economic pressures, it’s never been more important for your building business to be as competitive as possible.

This doesn’t mean competing on price – which may be a tempting short-term solution, but can leave you exposed. 

Competitiveness is about making sure your business is operating as effectively as possible – which keeps clients happy as well as maximises the profit you make. 

And using software for builders is a great way you can give your business this competitive edge.

What is ‘software for builders’?

Software for builders is called many things – job management apps, project management software, construction management tech and more. They all do the same thing – help you to run your business and your construction projects more efficiently and profitably.

It’s easy to think that tech is used only for certain tasks. But specialist software such as Buildxact, Buildertrend, NextMinute, Builda Price or CoConstruct offers so much more than that. You’ll quickly find that software will become your most powerful tool, giving you control at every stage of a building project.

From quoting to completing a job, this easy-to-use software helps you do things faster, more accurately and more profitably. Here’s how tech can put you in control at every step:

1. Winning the work

Quote faster – doing your calculations and take-offs from PDFs of the plans means you can save time by doing measurements more quickly.

More accurate – your quotes and estimates are more accurate because supplier price lists automatically update in your job management system. This means no nasty surprises for you, or your client.

Look better – professional looking quotes & estimate templates add to the client’s confidence in you.

Be super organised – all the info for your potential client is kept centrally in one place, so you’ll miss nothing and you don’t need to search for scribbled notes on scraps of paper.

Improve your chances – be the builder who remembers to follow up with prospective clients. If you don’t, someone else will.


Buildxact Take Offs

2. Starting the job

Be well prepared – all your team can have access to the software, so they know what’s happening, when and who is responsible.

Clear communication – not only is communication among your team improved, but clients are better informed too. It’s easy to keep them up to date when there’s a variation, and the extra work means more cost.

Stay on top of materials – get ahead of delays for materials by locking in your order as early as you can. This way you’ll secure your spot and prices.

Keep subbies on side – even if you can’t confirm exact dates, make it easy for your subcontractors by giving them a heads up that you’re starting a new project and when they’re likely to be needed.

NextMinute Job Planner

3. Running the job

Stay in control – with so many moving parts, tech makes it easier to run projects. Because everyone can view the plan, your team can react to changes that will inevitably happen. 

Better budget management – with finances at your fingertips, you know exactly how your project budget is tracking, and you can stay on top of costs with easily accessible information. Cash is the fuel for your business and tech will help you look after it.

Keep clients happy – every project has changes, but customers generally hate surprises. Tech makes it easier for you to communicate cost fluctuations and project variations – and it’s communication like this that will put you ahead of the rest. 

Less admin – tech reduces admin and improves your productivity in many ways. For example, timesheets can be automated, and emails kept in a centralised system means access and organisation is easy. Things like this give you more time to devote to client management, marketing, or getting a better work/life balance.

Buildxact Budget

4. Finishing the job

Wrap up paperwork – it’s easy to gather all the warranty and maintenance information used in your project and share it with customers. Software can also automate warranty and maintenance reminders to your clients. 

Get the final invoice right – tech helps you get your final invoicing on point. You’ll have accurately captured and on-charged all of your costs (where you can) and variations. You can be confident you’re invoicing the right amount and there will be no awkward, surprising last minute costs to pass onto clients.

NextMinute invoice

Choose the right tech and get more competitive

With so many specialised project management systems available, it’s important to choose the one that will benefit your business best. Getting it wrong could cost you money and time. Seeking independent and expert advice can save you this trouble, and help to give you that competitive edge quicker.

Whether you’re looking to bring tech into your business, or want help to get better with a system you’re already using, Free Up can help.