Make your 2022 boom with better scheduling


Careful prep is the key to making jobs go well. And this is how you should view planning across your business as a whole. With better scheduling, your business will be prepared for a more successful 2022.

How tech can help with scheduling

Scheduling is a combination of two things: planning & communication. And this is where tech helps. It makes it easy to store and manage all your project information in one place, making projects run more smoothly, on time and on budget.

Buildertrend Schedule

Buildertrend Schedule

Step 1 – Get planning

Write down all stages and timings for upcoming projects. Get your team and subtrades involved early, by letting them know where and when there’ll be needed.

This will produce a mountain of information that needs to be organised. And that’s where tech comes in…

Step 2 – Choose a system

There are low cost options available that can help with basic scheduling. However, tech such as Tradify, NextMinute, Buildxact, CoConstruct, Buildertrend and Rave Build can do much more.

They have all or some of the following scheduling features:

  • communicate tasks and timelines with your team, subtrades and customers
  • link your estimate to your schedule
  • send automated reminders to your sub trades
  • delegate work to your team more easily

CoConstruct Schedule on desktop and mobile

CoConstruct Schedule – desktop and mobile

Step 3 – Stay on top of things

Regularly checking and updating information in your system will give you a schedule across one project or show your plans across all projects. This visibility makes it easier for you to know when you can start your next project – which is a sign of successful scheduling.

Buildxact Schedule

Buildxact Schedule

Technology isn’t one size fits all, so getting advice on which option will benefit your business most can save you considerable time as well as money.

Best wishes for a successful, and well scheduled 2022!