How tech will help you in and out of lockdown

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We feared it might happen again, but nothing really prepares us for lockdown.

It affects us all personally and also impacts our businesses in a number of negative ways.

Your projects are paused, cash flow is interrupted, wages still need to be paid, materials are difficult to source, and there’s real uncertainty about when work can continue.

But there is one way you can get your business better prepared for future lockdowns.

With the right project management app in place, while you’re off the tools during lockdown, you’ll find it much easier to clear all your outstanding admin as well as get your business prepared to hit the ground running when you can start operating again.


7 ways tech tackles lockdown

Using a project management app within your business – such as Buildertrend, CoConstruct, Buildxact or NextMinute – puts all the information you need at your fingertips, so you’re in a much stronger position when the disruption of lockdown comes:

  1. Stay in control – lockdowns happen at short notice, but tech helps you stay in control. All your information is in one place, so it’s easy to access and keep up to date.

  1. Replan your projects – everyone’s projects are being squeezed, so it’s hard getting the materials and workers in place. Having a central project plan will make sure your team and subtrades are ready to go when you’re allowed to resume work.

  1. Get your invoicing up to date – cash is fuel for a business, so you need to make sure it’s coming in, especially when it’s ‘tools down’. A  job management app will make it easier for you to quickly get on top of any outstanding invoicing.

  1. Client communication sorted – no one likes delays, but you can use your system to quickly keep clients in the loop, so it’s one less headache to worry about.

  1. Visibility of financials – delays can cause project budgets to haemorrhage and get out of control. By using a project management app, you can make sure your back-costing is always up to date, so you can always stay on top of your financial position.

  1. Accurate forecasting – tech makes it easy to get clarity on price changes and the impact on your project. You can also check your contracts and make sure you communicate any price changes to your client before they become a problem.

  1. Protect your team – tech helps you keep all your COVID-19 protocols in one place and ensure your team knows your health & safety policies. A project management app also gives your team an easy way to update health & safety information so you can act quickly if needed.

Use your downtime to plan

Lockdowns are tough. It’s a waiting game. Projects get squeezed from all directions and stress levels increase.

Whenever possible, use these times as an opportunity to look at your business and consider whether you could be using tech to support your projects, your clients, your team and your finances.

Having tech as part of your business is the great way to keep it healthy, whether you’re in or out of lockdown.

Choosing the right tech for your business

There are at least 10 specialised project management systems available for builders. So it can be a job in itself to work out which one is best for you. If you’re new to tech, it takes hours researching and trialing each system. And picking the wrong one can set you back months. That’s why getting independent and expert advice could save you considerable time and money – and get you up and running with tech quicker.