Builders need to reach for the Cloud gif maker 4

Builders who want to improve their businesses using tech often ask us: “what is the Cloud?”

Our answer is simple: “the Cloud will help you run your business more efficiently and profitably.”
In a nutshell, the Cloud stores all the information you put into your construction software – whether that’s Tradify, NextMinute, CoConstruct or one of the many available apps. Storing all your information this way has many advantages, including making it easier for you to manage projects and get instant visibility of how your business is performing.

5 ways the Cloud will help you

To benefit from the Cloud, it’s worth choosing software designed specifically for builders and trades. If you’re not technically minded, it can save you time and money getting independent advice on which app will suit your business best. Once you’ve selected the right app and you’re set up with it, here’s how construction software in the Cloud can benefit your business:

Cloud tech is cost effective – Cloud software scales to the size of your business, so you only pay for what you need, which makes it highly cost effective. 

Save time on admin – information you input into your app transfers instantly to all your users, so there’s no time wasted on double entry.

Improved collaboration – you and your team all work from the same integrated platform. Everyone having the same real-time information improves communication and boosts overall efficiency.

Tech on the go – the Cloud gives you total mobility, meaning you can effectively manage your business wherever you have internet access, anywhere in the world.

Secure & robust – all of your information is safe, secure and backed up. You also benefit from automatic software updates to keep things running smoothly.