5 ways tech will boost your profitability


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Did you know that easy-to-use technology on your mobile or tablet can help you reduce dreaded paperwork as well as increase your profitability?
A range of simple, low-cost apps are available which can ensure you always charge the right amount as well as increase overall efficiency – all of which will boost your bottom line. Here are five ways tech improves profitability:

1. Charge the correct margin: for example, for a 10% margin, tech will ensure you charge the permitted 11.11% mark-up – which could be worth thousands of dollars a year.

2. Quote accurately: setting up key items as a template, such as Preliminary and General Site costs, will ensure you never miss them again

3. Tackle timesheets: tech will ensure all your team’s hours are charged correctly as well as automating timesheet collection.

4. Track costs: tech will ensure you track your costs against the original quote so you can understand profitability in different parts of the job, and quickly see if costs are spiralling in a particular area.

5. Save time: tech will ensure paperwork is reduced by automating manual processes as well as syncing with your accounting software, such as Xero or MYOB. 

More and more Builders across NZ are discovering the amazing difference these apps can make, freeing up time to focus on what’s important – whether it’s growing your business or enjoying a happier work life balance.

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